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False Team

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Hi im jordee2003
i was playing SCB and i teamed with a skelaton called swiss4535 and he then started killing me
i think this is kinda against the rules
Posted Oct 9, 13 · OP
Prmdc_ PRO
249 posts
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Purchased Unban
(sorry to post here)

1. use the correct format.
2. False teaming isn't against the rules.

Posted Oct 9, 13
1279 posts
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Purchased Unban
Jack, do not post on reports.
But as jack said, false teaming isn't against the rules.


Thread closed. Any posts below will be filed as spam and may warrant a forum ban.

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The ban pass was for an alt my friend had given me, I was never banned nor will be.
Posted Oct 9, 13
3 posts
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dudes my friend said it was and someone reported him and he got suspended
Posted Oct 13, 13 · OP
cmarsden210 GMVIP
775 posts
+42 Votes
False teaming is not against the rules.
Posted Oct 13, 13
3 posts
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then my friend isnt my friend because he lied to me.
+ my friend is such a rager i accidently sniped him de he was like u traitor #sorry #e.g. false team
Posted Oct 13, 13 · OP
3 posts
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Ok... Sorry to hear that but please stop posting now


Thread closed any reply to this post will be considered as spam and may warrant in a forum ban.

Posted Oct 13, 13
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