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 Welcome to Super Craft Brothers!

We are the official Super Craft Brothers ™ style servers. This is a game where you battle against 3 opponents with over a dozen different characters to choose from and over a dozen custom made maps to battle in. Some call it the funnest game in Minecraft, but it's up to you to decide! How to connect
Hello everyone,

Today we are pleased to announce a brand new holiday pack, the bunny pack.

To celebrate the Easter holiday we have introduced a new holiday pack which gives you the following items:

16.png Get a special Bunny tag on the site!
16.png Special colored name on the forums!
16.png Access to the EggHunt holiday map!
16.png Unlock a brand new class, Bunny.
16.png Support your favorite community!

To add to this we've also released 3 new maps (one in which, as noted above, is exclusive to the Easter holiday package). I would like to thank the community for building such wonderful and fun maps to play on!

Moving on to bug fixes, we've also addressed several bugs including the one that everyone wanted fixing - dueling. That's right, you can now have fun dueling your friends once again!

Have fun!
Brawler_Xyvar VIPBUNNY I am guessing, Bushtail12345, that it will end after Easter Sunday, so stock up now!
Wabinator99 1 thing tho: I suggested a class like this :/
bushtail12345 LOVE when will this holiday pack end?

Planned Downtime - Server Maintenance

Bradez1571 aCMSupportGM posted Apr 9, 14
Hello everyone,

We're planning downtime for all Minecade servers whilst we do some behind the scenes maintenance.

This will result in all of the Minecade servers being down for an estimated time of 30 minutes.

mariox200 LOVEBUNNY will there be an easter holiday pack?
alphax127 VIP I Plead The 5th
LJshipwreck VIPBUNNY It take time they will update it.
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