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 Welcome to Super Craft Brothers!

We are the official Super Craft Brothers ™ style servers. This is a game where you battle against 3 opponents with over a dozen different characters to choose from and over a dozen custom made maps to battle in. Some call it the funnest game in Minecraft, but it's up to you to decide! How to connect

PRO Rank added!

By supercraftbrothers aOwnerGM - Posted May 24, 13

We have just added the new PRO Status! What is the PRO Status ?

The PRO status is an in-game benefit you get that includes all the things VIP status gets plus stuff like gaining gems 3x as fast, being able to use the /join command, having a neat blue nametag on the forums and on the server. 

PRO will also include stuff like guild creation, meaning they can invite 3 people to join their guild and if 1 player in that guild has a map unlocked, all players in the guild can go ahead and play that map.

I am a VIP and I want PRO, do I have to pay full price ?

No. Existing and future VIP's get PRO at a discounted price automatically. 

Is there anything else to being a PRO ?

Purchasing PRO will give you PRO across all SCB servers with a one time payment. Getting PRO supports this project in an increased way and it shows your support in a special way. 

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VIP Benefits

 Earn double Gems
 Unlock ALL characters
 Double jump in lobbies
 Random item extra
 Apply for GM!
 Join full servers
 Spectate games with flight
 Forum VIP status
 VIP Tag on servers
 VIP across all servers
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