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Super Craft Brothers Servers Shop
Super Craft Brothers is the MOST popular Minecraft gametype in the world! Here you can get VIP, PRO and some of the premium characters and join over 50,000 VIP / PRO users!. You only pay once and enjoy the benefits for the server's lifetime across all the SCB servers!
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For support email help@legendarynetwork.com

For support phone call (+1) 858-356-4830 (Monday, Tuesday and Friday)

Please allow the system 10 minutes to update your purchase in game and re log to the servers to activate it (Log out and log back in) If after that it does not work, make a forum post or contact an administrator about it, that way we can sort it out for you as soon as possible. :)

* Packages will last for the lifetime of the servers
Shop Information

Buying VIP is a 1 time payment and you will have the VIP status on all our SCB Servers automatically. VIP's can upgrade to PRO for a discounted price!

Buying a Character means that you unlock it (only pay once), and you can use the character as many times as you want in all the servers, you can only chose one character per game.

We ask that you verify your character to make sure you are the account owner. We will not store any information, character verification is done directly with minecraft.net

Payment Methods

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